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Polishing and matting.

  • Polishing for glossy surfaces
  • Matting for use with innovative surfaces
  • Combination of polishing and matting is possible

The last operation, the „Finish“, is divided into two main areas polishing and matting. This processing is largely responsible for the properties and appearance of the surfaces.

The polishing process is used to reduce the roughness of the roll surface. We offer polishes in various gradations, i.e. in a range from Rt = 20 - 30 µm up to Rt = 0.04 µm. This means a spectrum from a simple industrial polishing to an absolute high gloss.

Unlike polishing, matting increases the roughness. The type of abrasive determines the roughness. Also with matting there are the most different possibilities, which we would like to introduce to you.

Polishing and matting can be used independently of the roll material. All common types of steel, cast iron and surfaces chrome-plated or nickel-plated by us can be polished or matted. Depending on customer requirements, combinations of polish and matting are also possible. At the end of processing, the roughness is measured and documented exactly.