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Perfection in the µm range.
Exactly. Ground. Perfect.

Roll grindingprocess
  • Precise grinding for rolls with up to 10 m grinding length, 40.000 kg weight and 3.5 m diameter
  • Grinding at operating temperature
  • CNC technique gives us the ability to produce any requested profile of the face.

Our grinding machines enable the highest possible precision for different dimensions of rolls: Even particularly large rolls with a diameter of up to 3.5 m can be processed up to a maximum length of 10 m. For example, we are able to grind a calender roll with a weight of 25 t and the dimensions Ø 1 x 5 m face length to an axis parallelism of less than 1 µm.

We do have seven grinding machines with a moving grinding wheel for larger rolls and six machines with a fixed grinding wheel for smaller rolls. All our grinding machines are equipped with a modern CNC control. In this way, the deviation from the nominal profile can be limited to 1 µm. Grinding result and concentricity are determined and documented electronically.

Remarkable: We also process rolls according to their operating temperature. This means that we grind rolls at the same temperature as set by our customers in the production line. With the help of efficient heating systems we can carry out grinding at all temperatures between 20°C and 220°C. As with grinding at ambient temperature, the profile error and concentricity error can be limited to 1 µm.