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Industrial hard chrome for highest demands.

  • Hard chrome plating of rolls up to 6 m long, 20,000 kg and 2 m roll diameter
  • Hard chrome plating in vertical tanks
  • Any desired layer thickness can be achieved
  • Dehydration is possible

We are specialized in hard chrome plating because surface hardening is important. Our chromium layers have a hardness of approx. 65 HRC. For the hard chrome plating we have a total of seven vertical tanks for rolls of different sizes at our disposal.

All tanks are supplied with computer-controlled rectifiers as power source. The modern rectifiers vary the power in strength (pulse operation) and in direction (reverse operation), which guarantees a denser crystal structure and ensures exact reproducibility.

With our special chrome plating technology, we not only produce any desired layer thickness in the best possible microstructure quality, but also produce high-quality electrolytic mattings. Modern cooling equipment keeps the temperature of the electrolyte permanently at the optimum level. We also offer dehydration of hard chrome-plated rolls. During this process, the hydrogen stored during chromium plating is degassed out of the roll by heating.

To protect the environment, our plants meet high environmental standards.