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Resistant. Hard. High quality.

Nickel-plated Roll
  • Nickel plating of rolls up to 4.2 m long, 7,000 kg and 1 m roll diameter
  • Complementary or alternative to hard chrome plating
  • Repair of the roll surface

Nickel plating offers the possibility of repairing rolls, which show strong signs of wear due to high stress during the operating process. For example, the rolls have fallen below their original diameter.

Depending on the roll surface requirements, nickel plating can either be used as a supplement to chrome plating or even replace it, since the hardness of the nickel is approximately equal to the hardness of the chrome plating (approx. 55 HRC). Even a nickel layer as a substrate in combination with a hard chrome-plated top layer can be realized without any problems and without any loss of quality in production.